SOLAS Liefe Jacket | LV1 & LV2


Discover the perfect blend of safety and comfort with our "Lifejacket SOLAS" life vest. This high-quality foam life vest offers an impressive buoyancy of 150 Newton meters (Nm), making it suitable for both adults and children. Whether out on the open sea or enjoying a leisurely boat trip, our vest is your reliable companion.

Compact Size, Maximum Safety: Measuring just 24x30x30 cm, the "Lifejacket SOLAS" is easy to store and transport. Despite its small size, it does not compromise on safety.

Visible and Safe: Equipped with reflective SOLAS stripes, this life vest ensures high visibility even in poor conditions. In an emergency, you can be quickly and easily located.

Comfortable Fit, Robust Design: The sturdy crotch strap with its top-quality fastening buckle guarantees a secure and comfortable fit. This vest not only sits firmly but also comfortably, so it won’t bother you even when worn for extended periods.

Support Where It’s Needed: Unique is the integration of Boddyline and the reinforcement in the neck area. These special features provide supportive effects for the spine, ideal for longer stints on the water




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